Can We ‘Do It All’ Unaided?

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Unless you have been hiding, I would imagine that most people are aware that the 6th February celebrates 100 years of women getting the vote in the UK (albeit you had to be over thirty and/or a property owner!). It feels like a time to use and create some positivity around how far we, as women have come. There are numerous changes to be made regarding women in the workplace, […]

Why not trying hard might actually be the best solution

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We’ve all been there Whether we’re trying to lose weight, doing ‘dry January’, trying to reduce our sugar intake or our carbohydrates. There is always someone or something standing in our way preventing us from reaching our end goal. Quite often we’ll turn round and say “Oh well, at least I tried”. Then we’ll feel bad for a moment, dismiss it, and move on. But maybe that’s the issue? Maybe we’re […]

When Chaos Strikes Have a Banana in Your Pocket

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Handling Unplanned Eating Scenarios We’ve all been there… You were running late in the morning so you didn’t have time to make that healthy lunch you were planning on taking to work. “Not to worry” you think. “There is a great deli round the corner from the office that does delicious salads.” Little did you know that at almost 3pm you are still stuck in that strategy meeting that started […]