LIFE Stories

Each client we connect with has their own unique issues to contend with. No two clients stories are the same.
Here in their own words our clients explain how we assisted them to become LIFE Acrobats

I can’t thank you enough for all the hours you have put into helping me raise my game. Over those first three months I lost 10kg. You have me back at the weight I was in my early twenties!

Having learned how to cook such tasty, healthy food, I am proving I can keep the weight off; particularly coupled with my new found love of running. I have done four more 10k races since you encouraged me to do the race in Palma, and the times keep coming down.

I am now in a career I love, that allows me to travel, and earn twice my previous salary. I know that I would not have had the clarity to make that change without the benefit of your coaching and support.

Thank you so, so much. Tish xx

Laetitia Mason Hampshire

After many months with a back condition, I was looking for some inspiration to help me to loose weight and to regain my fitness. It was clear that I needed some help to make lifestyle changes to ensure that I could sustain any benefits that I might gain. Emma offered the services of LIFE Acrobat and we worked together for 3-months. Throughout this time, Emma was incredibly supportive, she took the time to really understand the pressures on my routine and she offered practical solutions to help me improve my diet and increase my activity levels.

Emma is a natural ‘motivator’ and has a great way of pushing me, but without ever pressing too hard. Despite the fact that the whole ‘offer’ is remote (I’ve never met Emma), I always felt 100% supported, and she was always readily accessible. Emma offers an extremely professional package supported by technology. At first, I was nervous about some of the tech that she suggested; but it was all really easy to do, and it helped me to gain a better understanding of my diet and activity levels, and it enabled Emma to monitor my progress.

I now have a much healthier diet, and critically, I believe this will be sustainable for the future. Emma was able to offer practical recipe choices as part of the programme and I have been able to easily incorporate these into my routine diet: I particularly enjoyed the baked salmon with pistachio crust. I also rediscovered my love of porridge for breakfast and this stopped my snacking mid-morning! My activity levels and exercise have increased significantly, and I have lost weight and inches. Another side benefit is that the positive changes that I have made to my lifestyle have rubbed off on my husband and my 2 young boys: Indeed they have all stepped-up their activity levels and greatly improved the quality of their diet. Emma offers a whole lifestyle approach to fitness and diet and this is clearly backed-up with exceptional knowledge, experience and a very personable approach. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Emma’s services.

Karen Banbrook Oxfordshire
When you are out of the habit of doing something, you also become a pro at making excuses as to why you are not doing it. This was me! I was working for a demanding tech start-up, all hours of the day and having to take clients out on a regular basis in the evenings. By the time I arrived home, all I wanted to do was curl up in my pyjamas and sleep.
Emma and I worked together on how to reintroduce exercise into my daily routine. I had truly lost my confidence in this area and Emma has been amazing at coming up with easy to follow HIITs, Toning and Body Conditioning plans that I can literally do anywhere!
Over the course of a few months, I’ve toned up and my energy levels are better too – due to a combination of short exercise sessions, and having a re-assessment of my diet. Life Acrobat has been a positive step change for me – and one I will be continuing.
Belinda Whittingham South London

I often get bored during my workout routines but with you the time just swished by!

My friends and I just love the way you vary (and personalize) the sessions by training one set of muscles, exhausting them completely, before going on to the next muscle group.

Circuit training at its best!

Thank you, Emma, for creating really fun training sessions for me and my friends.

You’re a great chef who has inspired me to healthy gourmet cooking! Thanks for helping me to a healthier me!

Eva Hagman Stockholm


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