LIFE Acrobat is all about changing the way you feel

L.I.F.E stands for Living Intelligently, Food and Exercise, with our scientifically supported plans that combine techniques to boost your mental and physical well-being, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t make a change for the better, sooner!

Modern life is stressful both physically and mentally, and many of us feel as though there are not enough hours in the day. The desire to be a successful career woman, a good wife, partner, friend and/ or mother can be exhausting, and often feels out of reach. The truth is, with the right tools and support you can have and do it all without feeling wrung out.

The LIFE Acrobat programmes are developed around you and your specific goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, manage your stress levels, learn how to exercise more efficiently or find inspiration in the kitchen we can help!

Take control of your LIFE and feel great doing it

Find out how our unique programme can help you achieve your goals

A Simple Equation

Living Intelligently  +  Food  +  Exercise

=   Excel at LIFE

How run down are you?

Intermediate Skills Course, Peruvian Cooking, Indian Cooking
Thai Plus, Authentic Indian
YACHT CHEF TRAINING: Art of Plating, Sushi Skills, Mediterranean Fish, Ceviche & Carpaccio, Cake Workshop
UK HYPOPRESSIVES Qualified Trainer - Level 1
Plant Based Desserts, 'Vegan Yacht Chef'
3 days 'One to One' butchery coaching
Remote Ocean Medical Care & First Aid


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