No time to go to the gym or no inclination to go to the gym? Either way, with LIFE Acrobat you don’t have to.

We want to make exercise an enjoyable experience for you, that leaves you feeling energised and looking forward to your next session.

Our programmes are designed to meet your goals and are tailored to compliment your dietary requirements and support your emotional wellness.

Each workout can be designed to take up no more space than a yoga mat, so no matter where you are or how little space you have available there truly are no excuses! For those who prefer to exercise outside we can teach you how to maximise your workout using benches, walls, gradients and other features that you might find in a park or your garden.

We provide demonstration videos so that you can understand the specifics of each exercise, and can discuss adjustments or changes of technique during your weekly video conference call. To keep you motivated and excited by your work out we will change up your exercise regime and encourage you to take up activities that you might not have previously considered.

Average number of days/yr spent sitting down by British Adults
British women who are insufficiently active

A Simple Equation

Living Intelligently  +  Food  +  Exercise  

=   Excel at LIFE


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