Why not trying hard might actually be the best solution

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We’ve all been there Whether we’re trying to lose weight, doing ‘dry January’, trying to reduce our sugar intake or our carbohydrates. There is always someone or something standing in our way preventing us from reaching our end goal. Quite often we’ll turn round and say “Oh well, at least I tried”. Then we’ll feel bad for a moment, dismiss it, and move on. But maybe that’s the issue? Maybe we’re […]

Conquering Workday Blues

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It’s a Friday, and for a lot of people, heading into the weekend means two whole days away from work, spending time with family and friends; maybe pursuing fitness goals, going on a city break or perhaps just having two days on the sofa, exhausted! Whichever way you choose to spend your weekend, or days off in general, how do you feel the night before returning to work? On a […]

What Not To Do To Loose Weight and Feel Energised

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I read an interesting thread this morning which managed to leave me aghast, frustrated, and laughing out loud at the sheer lunacy of some of the answers. To set the scene, a lady in her early fifties had posted in a closed group for female entrepreneurs that I belong to, about how tricky she was finding it to lose weight and how she suffered from low energy levels. She said […]