Can We ‘Do It All’ Unaided?

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Unless you have been hiding, I would imagine that most people are aware that the 6th February celebrates 100 years of women getting the vote in the UK (albeit you had to be over thirty and/or a property owner!). It feels like a time to use and create some positivity around how far we, as women have come. There are numerous changes to be made regarding women in the workplace, […]

What Not To Do To Loose Weight and Feel Energised

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I read an interesting thread this morning which managed to leave me aghast, frustrated, and laughing out loud at the sheer lunacy of some of the answers. To set the scene, a lady in her early fifties had posted in a closed group for female entrepreneurs that I belong to, about how tricky she was finding it to lose weight and how she suffered from low energy levels. She said […]