Hypopressives - Restore your Pelvic Floor

Would you benefit from hypopressives?

If you suffer from or would like to prevent…

  • Incontinence (e.g. when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or participating in exercise)
  • Pelvic floor prolapse
  • Weak Core
  • Poor Posture
  • Back Pain
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Hernias (including herniated discs)
  • Prostate Issues
  • Breathing and Respiratory Issues

Established in Spain over 30 years ago by Dr Marcel Caufriez, hypopressives  is a whole body training approach using breathing and postural techniques to create positive changes in the core, pelvic floor, and your posture. 

Hypopressives was originally used in a clinical setting to support patients with pelvic floor disorders. A popular method across Europe, it has now been developed into a full body system of training and is suitable for a wider audience.

Success Story

Emma Broome has helped me with a chronic medical issue, when even my Consultant could/would not help me further.
I have a big nerve that has been damaged by surgery. Also two prolapses that were gradually impacting on the nerve; also due to surgery! I was not allowed to do pelvic floor exercise as it impacted on the nerve.
After Emma worked with me, educating me in hypopressives, gradually the pain eased and I believe the prolapses have retracted a little to ease off the pressure on the nerve and no more medications!
I urge any woman with a mild prolapse to try hypopressives before surgery.
Thank you Emma

Jane, Chelmsford


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